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    Boeing NeXt logo

    Reimagining the Future of Flight

    Boeing NeXt is leading the safe and responsible introduction of next-generation air vehicles in urban, regional and global markets. From building aircraft to airspace integration, we are shaping the future mobility ecosystem.

    Our Vision for Urban Air Mobility

    With increasing urbanization, a growing global population, aging infrastructure and the explosion of ecommerce, there is a need for new, safe, sustainable and accessible modes of transportation. By combining Boeing's technological innovation with new business models and nontraditional partnerships, we will lay the foundation for a next-generation mobility ecosystem.

    Explore the Future of Mobility

    Our portfolio includes prototyping activities and programs including the electric vertical takeoff and landing (EVTOL) passenger air vehicle and cargo air vehicle, commercial small autonomous systems and a passenger-carrying hypersonic plane.

    Leadership Team

    Meet the Boeing NeXt Team

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      Steve Nordlund

      Vice President and General Manager
      Boeing NeXt

    • Card image cap

      Per Beith

      President and CEO
      Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
      A Boeing Company

    • Card image cap

      Jon Damush

      Senior Director, New Business Ventures
      Boeing NeXt

    • Card image cap

      Peter J. Kunz, Ph.D.

      Senior Chief Engineer for Unpiloted Systems

      Chief Technologist, Boeing NeXt

    • Card image cap

      Mildred Troegeler

      Director, Global Airspace Integration
      Boeing NeXt

    • Card image cap

      Jamie Patrick

      Chief Financial Officer
      Boeing NeXt
      Enterprise Finance Services

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    Come join us
    on our journey.

    Learn More

    Work With Us

    We're working with other industry leaders, and new and existing partners to build the ecosystem for the next generation of mobility systems to be imagined, designed, developed and delivered. Let us know if you're interested in partnering with us on this journey.

    Denotes Required Field

    Disclaimer: I acknowledge that I will not submit any confidential or proprietary ideas, information, technology, proposals, or any other intellectual property ("confidential data") via this forum. We will assume that all information you submit is publically available and not confidential or proprietary. We cannot accept confidential data, and if you send confidential data, we will not evaluate it. The exchange of confidential data requires a formal, written nondisclosure agreement with Boeing.
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